*We offer HAZWOPER, OSHA  general industry and construction courses and 10 hour and 30 hour training online. Here are some of OSHA's mission statements from their web site.

We are NOOSHA,

For more information, visit the OSHA website at www.osha.gov 


The Public Osha Serves

  • Nearly every working man and woman in the nation come under OSHA's jurisdiction
  • some exceptions would be miners, transportation workers, many public employees, and the self-employed 

Other users of OSHA services include: 
  • occupational safety and health professionals, 
  • the academic community,
  •  lawyers,
  •  journalists, and
  •  personnel of other government entities.

Service Improvement Plan

  • OSHA is determined to use its limited resources effectively to stimulate management commitment and employee participation in comprehensive workplace safety and health programs.
  • The first step is for OSHA to listen and respond to its customers. 
  • OSHA is dedicated to improving the quality of it's efforts and know that to be successful they must become an agency that is driven by commitment to public service. 

We are NOOSHA, WE offer HAZWOPER, OSHA  10 & 30 hr training courses

Course Catalog

 OSHA Safety Training and Environmental Management Training Courses, construction,  HAZWOPER 40 Hour & 8 Hour Annual Refresher class, Hazardous Materials,  Forklift Safety,  

HAZWOPER 40 Hour Course
40 Hour HAZWOPER + The Clean Water Act, 40 Hour HAZWOPER + RCRA:What the Law Requires