Cal OSHA 10 Hour Training

Cal OSHA 10 Hour Training                                               $59

What is California OSHA Training? 

Cal/OSHA, also referred to as the Division of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH), requires workers to complete training to learn how to prevent workplace hazards, accidents, injuries, and fatalities. Our 10-Hour course adheres to those specific Cal/OSHA regulations.

You’ll learn how to prevent the most common safety hazards, such as fires, falls, and electrical shock. Additionally, you’ll have an understanding of employer rights and responsibilities, as well as your rights and responsibilities as an employee. 

Prevent workplace hazards, injuries, and fatalities with the information in our California-specific OSHA online training. Start today! 


  •   100% online, self-paced course
  •   California-specific training material
  •   Included certificate of completion
  •   Adhere to OSHA training regulations

Prevent workplace hazards, injuries, and fatalities with the information in our California-specific OSHA online training. Start today! 

Includes: Certificate of Completion

Duration: 10 Hour(s) | Language: English 


This course explains the standards of Cal-OSHA for various potential hazards and covers legalities of the Federal OSHA act with regard to prevention and elimination of work-related fatalities and injuries. After an overview, the course discusses detailed information about employer-employee rights and responsibilities for handling emergencies, holding inspections, reporting, and recordkeeping for any accidents as per law. This is particularly useful for construction professionals involved in masonry and electrical work with exposure to hazards like fire, falls, operational accidents and electrical shock. Additionally, you will gain a greater understanding of OSHA regulations for safe use of scaffoldings, ladders, fire extinguishers, power tools and more in the State of California.
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Cal/OSHA, or the Division of Occupational Safety and Health [DOSH], was created to improve and protect the health and safety of workers in California. It also enforces standards aimed to protect passengers riding elevators, tramways, and amusement rides. This is achieved by:

  •   Setting safety standards and enforcing them
  •   Issuing approvals, certifications, licenses, permits, and registrations

The 10 Hour Cal OSHA Training Course offered by explains the standards of Cal/OSHA for a variety of potential hazards. It helps prevent and eliminate work-related injuries and fatalities. It also discusses employer responsibilities, employee rights, and how to handle emergencies, inspections, reporting, and recordkeeping for accidents as required by law.

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How to Find Out What Cal/OSHA Requires

State of California Dept of Industrial Relations

Course Facts

What You Get
  • Certificate of completion 

Required Pre-Requisites
  • None

Course Format
  • 100% online 

Course Access

Courses Available 24/7 

  • Easy-to-use LMS for anyone 

Course Structure
  • At your own pace, save progress as you go 

  • Customer support available 7 days a week 

Course Updates

Content is updated and current 

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